Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is the final call.

cevroncity formerly known as 8-bitcity has come to an end. I have found that not only is the trouble of other people keeping this a secret too much, but it is also too much of an effort to maintain this blog for no good reason (especially whilst some smartass is hacking friends Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and blogs - no, we don't understand why either).
I will be honest, as always, Cape Town and "the scene" is not worth it. To all you hipsters, posers, wanna-be musicians and DJs, you're a pathetic bunch to try and work with. Your music is always the same, you dress like the person next to you, and you always strike the same poses trying to compete for the most original pose.

I understand that other parties, such as we-are-awesome, the Assembly and a few selected DJ's have receieved positive attention from cevroncity being around, but this idea of a blog was not meant to be a fucking advertising space for you and it sickens me to shit that it turned out this way.

cevroncity will not be returning via new blogspot or Twitter. So lower your wayferrers, talk about it over lattes at vida, talk to your hairdresser at scar about it, write about it on your blogs, express the loss over Facebook statuses. Do what you must. The email address however will still exist for those of you interested in contacting me for whatever reason you may have:

To the indie kids, good luck with finding out the definition of "indie" and trying to relate it to yourselves.

To the 30-something year old salesmen in swanky (yes, swanky) shops on Kloof Street (and now Vineyard Road apparently?), I hope you one day do get a decent job, even if it is in retail.

To the DJs, good luck with trying to make heartless kids feel your music.

To the musicians, I hope you one day move out of Bellville if you're going to continue taking yourself seriously (a flat in Gardens does not count as moving out).

To the rest of you, Assembly, Fiction, Kloof Street and the Biscuit Mill is not the way forward.